Learn To Train Your Puppy

So, you have a new puppy and he is just adorable. Snuggles, licks, the occasional nibble, he’s so warm, so cuddly, so furry and so completely and utterly adorable. Adorable until he stands on the kitchen table, helps himself to snacks, somehow finds your most expensive shoes to chew!

Puppy training is vital. It does not matter on the breed of the dog but the earlier you train the dog the better. It is suggested that puppies start school from the age of 12 weeks onwards. The pup must be up to date with vaccinations, and should be given the ‘okay’ by the vet before he starts school.

Going to puppy school is fun, but it is also a commitment. If possible, the same person (adult, teenager, puppy caregiver) should take the dog each week. This ensures consistency as well as understanding between the dog and his human.

Our vets know you can’t always plan when you need them, so we are available 7-days a week. Special arrangements can be made outside these hours just ask our friendly Staff.

What can you expect from your puppy and school?

  • A dog that recognises you as pack leader.
  • A dog that comes when you call it.
  • A dog that sits, waits and stays.
  • A dog who is sociable, with dogs and people.

  • A dog that does not help himself to treats.

  • A dog who has a great time but is well behaved.

It’s all about basic obedience and socialisation. A dog who listens to you is the best kind of dog. And a dog that understands boundaries is the best kind of dog. Also, a dog who loves playing with other dogs, is not aggressive with children, and basically has tons of fun while being respectful, is the dog we all aspire to have.

A good puppy trainer will help you train your pup. There are a variety of puppy training methods, and we will tell you our preferred options as well as good resources to continue training after classes.

Herriot House
Puppy Course Detail

Herriot House runs classes one or two nights per week all year round. Each course of puppy classes lasts for four weeks and includes a graduation night. All courses are taught by one of our experienced veterinarians or nurses.

Spaces are limited and often booked out so we recommend booking ahead. You can organise your class by calling us on 07 4639 1733