Preventative Care

At Herriot House, our aim is to keep your pet healthy. We are here to help prevent problems that can affect your pet. We strongly recommend annual vaccinations and health check-ups for your loved one. When your pet comes to us for a consultation, they will receive a thorough examination from head to tail.


For dogs, we vaccinate at 6-8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks and then annually thereafter. Vaccinating your dog is vital for protection against distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus, plus the two organisms responsible for the vast majority of kennel cough infections. It is also very important to prevent against heartworm, as well as keeping a regular intestinal worming routine.


For cats, we follow the same vaccination schedule as for dogs. Vaccinating your cat can prevent feline enteritis, cat flu and feline AIDS (FIV). It is also advisable to treat your cat regularly for intestinal worms.


Fleas can cause a lot of un-necessary scratching and skin irritations in your pet. Anti-flea treatments may be required to make your pet more comfortable. We have a number of high-quality, effective products that are fast-working and easy to use.

Paralysis ticks can be fatal! Tick prevention is an essential measure you need to take if you live in a ‘tick region’ or if your pet is exposed to a tick-infested area. Please discuss tick prevention with a staff member: it may save your pet’s life.